Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Installing Linux On Your Pc Part 2

Using Partition Magic

  1. Place the CD in your drive.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. You will be asked to create two "rescue" floppy diskettes. Make sure you do this, in case something goes wrong during the repartitioning.
  4. When asked, DO NOT register the software, as the serial numbers are already registered with EMU.
  5. Run Partition Magic.
  6. You want to use the "Resize/Move" operation to change the size of your existing DOS partition. The program shows a small graphic of your existing partitions, below which is a text menu of the partitions (there is probably just one, the DOS partition). Select it, then choose to resize it.
  7. Shrink the DOS partition so that you create at least 3GB of free space on your hard-drive (5 or 6 would be much better.) You do not want to define a new partition within the free space (the Linux installer will do that), just leave the space "free" (unoccupied).
  8. You have to click on the "apply" button. Eventually you'll get a dialog box telling you the system has to reboot into DOS mode, or some such. Say okay.
  9. The machine should reboot into Windows. If you look at the properties of your hard-drive icon (C:) you should that the disk space is smaller than it was. read more
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