Thursday, 24 March 2011

Download From Rapidshare Without Time Limit (javascript tips)

Downloading rapidshare sometime make our mode is totaly lost to downloading the file is we want to download it. Because for free user, they limit the size, the number of  download and the waiting time is so long to wait. Ok, we fucus during this time is the waiting time. So here im will going to show you the tricks to disable time counting and the download link will appear emmidiately. Dont waste your time to wait the bullshit..
  •  Choose the free user button to initiate the download.
  • Once the download ticket is reserved, the count down timer will start.
  • Skip the count down process by copying and pasting the following Javascript in the address bar.
  • Download link of the file from Rapidshare will appear immediately.

    or  use this
javascript:var c=0;
Then press Enter, or click on Go.
If the above script will be failed to work means the following Javascript will be used for you.
As above, just copy and paste the JavaScript into the address bar and press Enter or click Go.
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