Thursday, 31 March 2011

10 Things That Can Take Forever to Download

The speed of internet connections has gotten faster and faster over the last decade. Items that used to take several minutes to download, now only take seconds. However, has connection speeds have increased, so have the file sizes associated with downloadable items. The list below shows some of the items that can still take quite a long time to download from the internet.

  1. Movies. Have you been considering downloading a movie off the internet and burning it to a DVD? Great idea! Just don’t plan on watching it in the next few hours because it will take more much longer to download the movie than it will to watch it.
  2. Full resolution photos. Even with a decent connection, full resolution pictures can take a while to download. They’ll take even longer to upload.
  3. Software upgrades or purchases. Some software includes some very large files. The more complex the software, the more files and the bigger the files, contained within the package. Many megabytes of computer files means mega-time to download those files.
  4. Games. Downloading of those Xbox games can take f-o-r-e-v-e-r, according to gamers. But so can running to the store to buy them, so…
  5. Browsers. If you decide you want to try out a new browser, you’ll need to give it some time to download the initial software and then some more time to download all the newest updates. Continue browsing on your old browser in the meantime.
  6. Virus updates on a new computer. When you install the virus protection software on your new computer, plan on it taking some time, especially if it is the trial version that came loaded on the machine. The basic version will need to load all the updates that have been released for the software since the date of the software. Often times that can be a year of more’s worth of updates.
  7. Windows updates on a new PC. This is another delay to expect when you are setting up a new PC. Your computer will check for windows security updates since the version installed on your PC at the dealer. Just like the virus updates, this can be a long list and may take quite sometime to complete. You should plan on one or more reboots during the process, as well.
  8. iTunes. If you’ve decided to join the rest of the crowd and download iTunes onto your computer for use with podcasts, music and other media files, don’t expect a two minute download. This is a big software package and will take a significant amount of time to download and install.
  9. Video files. Not all video files are large, but they can be. It will depend on the resolution of the video and the length of the video. Amateurs just beginning to attempt computer generated videos can, at times, create huge video files due to a lack of understanding of the process.
  10. Anything with graphics over a dialup connection. The speed of your internet connection will always be a factor in how long it takes to download files from the internet. Anything that takes a long time to download over a high-speed connection will take many, many times longer over a dialup connection. Downloading a movie over a dialup connection should not even be attempted.
We’ve become used to instant gratification in much of our life, and the internet is an area where that is especially true. To have to wait minutes or hours to receive what we requested with a simple mouse click can seem quite frustrating.

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