Friday, 23 December 2011

WinX iPhone Software Christmas Gift Pack 100% Free

Digiarty Software, dedicated iPhone, iPad, iPod related software producer, today aired free Christmas Gift to all Apple fans – Valued $90 WinX iPhone Software Gift Pack now is free available until Dec.31. Three applications are included which bring users an all-in-one solution to play DVD, MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, AVI, WMV, FLV on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV as well as create personalized iPhone ringtone. The giveaway is valid for totally two weeks.
(PRWEB) December 17, 2010
Christmas is coming. There are so many free gifts cross the internet. Digiarty software brings you free iPhone iPad video software in this Christmas holiday.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Voxofon 30 Minutes Free Calls

VoIP is a cheapst source for the calling anywhere in the world, therefore more and more VoIP based telecom providers are taking place in the market. Since there are lot of such providers exist in the market therefore to compete older providers every new VoIP business try to do some magic to build some customers and once customer built then maintain the quality and make money. Yes we use the quality word, because whatever you do in this field if you have no good voice/call quiality, you are fail to survive in sevral competetors.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

18 Free Shorterner Site To Short Your Url

Here i have listed 18 site that give service to short your url. Choose which one you like.

How To Unlock ZTE Modem

Many broadband users usually buy ZTE modems with internet data packages from various network operators such as T-mobile, Three, Orange and Verizon for connecting to the internet. However, most of the mobile network companies lock their modems to avoid using with another network companies. Therefore, most of the people need to unlock their modems for using with other networks. In this article, I will discuss about unlocking ZTE HSDPA modems. Here, I used dccrap in this unlocking process so that before you connect the modem to the USB, you need to put an invalid operator SIM Card. Hence, the software can identify your modem for unlocking. Let's see how to do this process step by step. You can get unlocking software from the below links.

How To Unlock Huawei Modem

Huawei internet modems are the most popular modems in the market. When you buy a modem from the market, it is probably locked to a single mobile operator such as T-mobile, 3, Orange, Vodafone or Verizon. Therefore, you can use that modem only with one operator. Sometimes, Locking to one operator is annoying for most of the modem users. So, You must unlock your Huawei modem to use with any SIM. Today, I'm going to discuss on unlocking a Huawei modem within several minutes. Using this method, unlock code can be easily calculated by entering the IMEI number of the modem.

How to enable Task Manager,Folder Options and Registry editor in windows

In Some computers, when the user clicks Alt+ctrl+del, it does not popup the task manager. It happens mostly after attacking a malware. Also when user access into the registry editor by typing start > run > then type "regedit" without having quotes, it says Regitry Editor has been Disable by Administrator. This is also due to a malware attack. Therefore, in such a situation you can use this tricks for solving them. Sometimes your computer may not display Hidden Files and Folders due to same problem.

How To Disable USB Ports To Prevent Malware Infection

Many people use USB flash drives for transfer files, they often plug their Flash drives for many computers. Therefore, most of the usb drives are contained malwares, viruses etc. On the other hand, these USB drives are the spreaders of that kind of malicious applications. If you can disable or lock USB port temporarily, they can not be able to plug their Flash drives to your Computer or Laptop. There are several ways for disabling USB ports such as using Regstry Editor, Disabling autorun and using software. Today i am going to discuss about how to disable and enable the USB ports.

Convert Images To .txt

Recently, i found small application called Image2Txt that can convert images into text format using PHP code. Also, it is very easy to use even for a person who do not have good knowledge about computers.  Resolution and character number settings determine the length of the characters in rows and columns. in resolution, the lowest value 2 provides the maximum possible resolution for the selected image.

Convert RAM Into Graphic Card

This tutorial should help you get started with using the basic features in 3D Analyze. Most games will use roughly the same settings in order for it to run, but some games will require specialized settings. This tutorial will not cover that, but if you come across a game such as this you can search the forums for help or experiment with settings yourself to try and get the game to run.

So, how to use 3D Analyze:
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