Sunday, 11 December 2011

Voxofon 30 Minutes Free Calls

VoIP is a cheapst source for the calling anywhere in the world, therefore more and more VoIP based telecom providers are taking place in the market. Since there are lot of such providers exist in the market therefore to compete older providers every new VoIP business try to do some magic to build some customers and once customer built then maintain the quality and make money. Yes we use the quality word, because whatever you do in this field if you have no good voice/call quiality, you are fail to survive in sevral competetors.

Today we will discuss Voxofon who is the new player in the VoIP market and doing the same as other do. Voxofon is offering international calls just in 1 cent per minute. Now sure if Voxofon is making some out of it but this pricing is very cheap as compare to others. You would have never thought there would be a voip provider who will charge you only 1 cent per minute to overseas calls. There regular rates are also pretty much affordable for international calling.

Anyways since we always bring free calling offers to our users, therefore Voxofon is also the one who is offering 30 free minutes to the new customers. So you can try their service before buying a calling deal.
Here is how you can get 30 free trial minutes:

  1. Go to their site HERE
  2. Click on "Get Started" and register an account after filling up the form. You you will receive an email and after confirming that your account will be sucessfully registered. Please note, free email account such as hotmail is not accepted.

The important part to know is, only US IPs are allowed to register, if you are not in the US then either you use VPN and use US proxy to get registered. After sucessfully registeration you will get up to 30 free minutes to make international calls. You can use voxofon server on any mobile, iphone and blackberry etc. Also you can use it on your PC. So simply you need download the application to your mobile or PC from their side and start free calling.
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