Saturday, 3 December 2011

Convert Images To .txt

Recently, i found small application called Image2Txt that can convert images into text format using PHP code. Also, it is very easy to use even for a person who do not have good knowledge about computers.  Resolution and character number settings determine the length of the characters in rows and columns. in resolution, the lowest value 2 provides the maximum possible resolution for the selected image.
When you increase the value which greater then 2, the character’s size and resolution may reduced. Hence, at the beginning you need to do is simply install the application and click on the open image to load the image. Select any image and Change the Resolution value. After selecting a image it will display in the application. Then, click on the Convert button. When you click on the Convert button, it will convert the image into text so you can copy that the generated text into a text editor like Notepad.

Original image that i got for convert to text
 Generated text from the original image
You can download Image2Txt from here Download.

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