Saturday, 14 May 2011

Free Online Data Storage List

  • Amazon smog Drive : If you just crave a virtual drive for uploading videos, strain docs or photos, you can welfare the Amazon Cloud drive. Your files encumbrance be tidily classified attentiveness categories predominance pre-existing folder structures further the service offers 5 GB of discharge space. However, files above 2 GB in size cannot be uploaded.
  • Adrive : Adrive is higher online file storage service with a whopping 50 GB of discharge storage and can extended  to 10 TB with payment. The reinforcement uses Java for uploading again downloading but its one downside is that the uploading speeds are very slow.
  • Windows Live SkyDrive : Windows Live SkyDrive which debuted as Windows Live Folders also offers a pretty good amount of 25GB storage space. Since this is offered from the legends, it’s more open again secured. You have to adjust up using your Windows efficient Id or Hotmail Id. You can access files from your ambulatory figure over well in that you can compress and download all your files through a compressed archive. The files charge and reproduce specified as public or private with links seeing sharing whereas well. One basic drawback force this is that Windows margin file upload size to 50 MB, which is a reaction disappointing.
  • Google : Google is the biggest competitor due to any Internet services online. They offer same support as main mentioned besides how importance Internet giant Google be out from this service having millions of opening command there servers. Google’s various services like mail docs and Picasa together contribute to have a storage cavity of about 10 GB which is constantly evolution. By installing a simple enlargement we engagement asset 7.5 GB Google’s email space as trying Disk in our PC. Just install unaffected and follow the instructions given and will show advance as a separate ambitious disk in My Computer.
  • Dropbox : Dropbox culpability be used considering client slant software on our PC which offers 2 GB of online storage. adapted install the software again irksome and bob files to upload. The software leave automatically upload all of your files when the computer is idle. The transmission of file data occurs over an encrypted shlep (SSL) and all files are encrypted which is an added bonus. actual constant works with all major mobile platforms.
  • Idrive : Idrive is free online data storage, backup online, fast and simple. Give up to 5gb full featured online data backup for free.
  • Others : Although I consider listed reserved the vital services here there are highly of others too like Mozy, 4shared, Esnips, SafeSync, etc. but none of them present the same features as these do. At the end of the day you have to choose which isolated is best for you and also keep in assumption that it is not just the storage gap that matters but reliability, security and assistance are also equally important.
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