Thursday, 26 May 2011

Edge 4G WiMax Internet

WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) continues to move forward as an internet connection choice, primarily in the mobile realm. What is up and coming in the WiMax arena? Here ten trends expected 2011.

  1. Data traffic increasing over voice. The demand for mobile internet is increasing at a much faster speed that technology can keep up with it. Data use has already surpassed voice on wireless networks and this trend is expected to only increase with time.
  2. Increased 4G coverage areas. The biggest complaint regarding 4G devices is the lack of available 4G network coverage. However, the network coverage continues to expand to new areas across the world. The ability of WiMax to provide highspeed internet connection in places where DSL and cable internet have not yet reached, is one its biggest driving points.
  3. 8 mega pixel cameras. Many of the new 4G phones are also coming with higher resolution cameras. We can continue to expect our wireless connects to grow closer and closer to a one unit device.
  4. More mobile apps being used. As users have become comfortable with smartphone technology, they are using mobile internet apps more often as an alternative to their laptop or desktop applications.
  5. More mobile apps being created. As more users utilize mobile apps, due to the efficiency of higher speeds, more apps are in demand and being developed and improved.
  6. Connection via Wifi. It’s getting easier and easier to get and stay connected as WiFi networks are growing in service coverage almost daily.
  7. Increased speed. The expected speeds of 4G WiMax have not yet been fully realized. Those rates of speed should be continually increasing with time.
  8. Dual mode-dual band devices. Backwards connectivity for devices to allow for connection of 4G devices to either 3G or 4G networks without additional charges is being built into more devices.
  9. Pocket modems. Small portable hotspots to provide connectivity to WiMax networks are being developed and marketed. Mobile connectivity is where we are headed and WiMax is part of that equation.
  10. Built-in mobile hotspots. Phones with their own builtin hotspots are coming on the market too.

Faster connections, in more places, with more integration of electronic devices, that are more reliable and more efficient…that has been the trend for years, and those trends are continuing in the newest generation of internet connection.
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