Monday, 13 June 2011

Online Sites for Managing your Business Phones

For a growing number of businesses, the most cost-effective way to set up a phone system is to take advantage of business phone management services. By employing these services, a company of any size can have access to such features as voice mail, call routing and faxing without the need to invest in  equipment and infrastructure that would otherwise be necessary. Here are 10 websites that offer such business phone solutions:
  1. – Phonebooth offers services like virtual receptionist and auto-attendant that can save a small business the cost of hiring full-time personnel. Included are: a call menu for routing incoming calls, HD voice quality, an estimated cost of $20 per user and all you need to provide is the phones themselves.
  2. – Avaya IP Office is offered in three different editions to suit the size and/or budget of virtually any small or medium-sized business. The Essential edition is the entry level version, followed by the Preferred and Advanced Editions which add  features like Power User.
  3. 8× – 8×8 offers a package bundle with soft phone, web conferencing and internet fax for $7.99.  Unified Communications links your business’s desktops/laptops, mobile phones and landlines. Virtual Office Pro gives you a dashboard for scheduling, records your calls with 1GB of included storage.
  4. – VoIP network gives you the option of choosing either a toll-free or local phone number for your business. Dial-by-name directory routes your incoming calls to the appropriate person or department. PBX SIP (session initiation protocol) Trunking adds a level of flexibility, growth potential and cost saving that many small businesses will find appealing.
  5. – Using an open source PBX technology, Trixbox is like having an IT department managing your business phone system. Hybrid-hosting combines the reliability of premise-located systems and the flexibility of hosted technology. Free VoIP calling, web-based management portal, and automatic software updates are available.
  6. – XO offers scaled service bundles for every size business. Services include VoIP, Voice, Network and Internet. XO also offers iPBX, which is an integrated voice and data solution that provides the phone equipment and the network to lower the investment costs of a business phone system.
  7. – Ringcentral offers business solutions ranging from 1 user to 20+ user plans. Choose from a list of available phone numbers, enjoy the benefits of cloud-based PBX technology and add mobile applications for increased versatility.
  8. – Virtual Office features include after-hours greeting, call logs,  click-to-call buttons, Internet voice mail, global phone numbers and international calling. Virtual Office plans start at $9.88 per month.
  9. – AnswerConnect services include support associates who can take incoming phone calls and convert them into solid leads for sales businesses. Answering services, call center solutions and appointment taking are value-added features.
  10. Google Voice – Voice mail transcription, which will convert your voice mail messages to text and  is integrated with Google mail; number porting allows you to use your current phone number; place calls directly from Google mail.
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