Friday, 25 February 2011

Google Tips/Tricks/Fun

The most common and trusted search engine around the globe is Google, which began as research project in January, 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two Ph.D. students at Stanford University, California.

The name "Google" originated from a misspelling of "googol,"[1][2] which refers to 10100 (a 1 followed by one-hundred zeros).
We all love this search engine and cant survive without it because of its quick and precise search results which others search engines lack. I have been using Google for last couple of years and have been playing around with it for quite some time and like others I have too realized that there is more to Google rather than just using it as a search engine

**Having Fun With Names:Have any one of you try searching your name on Google, to see what world has To say about you? This act of searching your name on Google is called “egogoogling”.You can have more fun with the names by adding “is” to it, for example put this quote in Google search box “Susan is” and here is what you get
Our little girl Susan is a most admirable s***, and pleases us

**Ripping Images:If you want to see all the images on the site use “site:” operator, for example go to and type the

**Google calculator: Google has build in calculator which can be used to mathematical calculations. Just go to Google web search and type 10+7*3-12
Google will respond with 10+7*3-12= 19.
Time for some fun with Easter eggs with Google calculator just type
Answer to life, the universe and everything
Entering this will result Google calculator showing “42”.
The fun continues type seconds in a year in Google search box ,it will result in
1 year = 31 556 926 seconds

**Google Question and Answer: have you ever tried to find answers to your questions with google,just try following queries type in Google web search Albert einstein’s birthday and voila ;
Albert Einstein — Date of Birth: 14 March 1879
This works because google has built directory which answers your certain questions so that you don’t have to go to particular webpage to find the particular answer. Play around with it by searching any thing you desire like
Bono birth place
Where is Eiffel tower
When was star wars released?

**Destroy Google: Have you ever wish to destroy Google or any other website please go to and enter the website you wish to destroy and have fun and you can do it in multiple ways like you can send meteors,foold it, nuke it, shoot it, paintball or chainsaw it , cover it with flowers. etc.

**Google Speaks The Truth/Googlebombing: A "googlebombing" is when a group of people get together trying to push a site up to Google rankings, try tying the keyword “failure” and hit the search button, what do you see?(didn’t I mentioned that Google speaks the truth) and type the same keyword and click on I’m Feeling Lucky and see the result. Another fun with googlebombing, just type “Arabian gulf ” and click on I’m Feeling Lucky and read carefully read the page not found page. Did u enjoy it? . Type liar and click on I’m feeling lucky and it takes you to another truth (enjoy it). “Litigious bastards” was a rude googlebombs and it was targeted against SCO group, for its infamous attempt to sue companies like IBM and other who used Linux as well as Linux users.

**Google Hacking: There’s a sport called “Google Hacking” which is all about searching seemingly private websites using Google. In fact you can only find public pages on Google and not private(password protected). You can find poorly configured WebPages and exploit it, however use the following strings at your own risk, you might land up in to one of the honeypots
Search for: "a syntax error has occurred" filetype:ihtml
Google will search for pages with ihtml (which sites are using informix).

Finding Private Files:
Search for: (password|passcode)(username|userid|user) filetype:csv
You will find files containing user names and similar

Finding File Listings
Search for: intitle:index-of-last-modified private
You will find pages which list files found on the server. A related query which finds FTP
Intittle:index:of ws_ftp.ini

Finding Webcams:
Search for: “powered by webcamXP” “Pro|Broadcast”

Finding Weak servers
Search for: intittle:”the page cannot be found”inetmgr
You will find potentially weak IIS4 servers

Finding Chat Logs
Search for: something “has quit” “has joined” filetype:txt

Downloading Free MP3 with Google with out using Filesharing software:
so you are big fan of Led zeppelin and want to download its mp3 for free .
Serach for: index of” + “mp3″ + “led zeppelin” -html -htm -php
alternative method:
“index of/mp3″ -playlist -html -lyrics led zeppelin

All for education purpose with your own risk.....
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