Friday, 22 June 2012

Add Yahoo Messenger online status to your web or blog

Actually has a lot of tutorials that discuss about add YM (Yahoo Messenger) online status on your web/blog, but still many are not successful, which may be due to lack detailed descriptions or perhaps difficult to understand.
For those who want to display YM online status on your website or blog, or even on a forum posting that is usually useful if you sell online through a forum, can use the following ways which may be easily understood.
Copy and paste the following script code on a web page/blog/forum post that you want to show your YM status.

Creating a Subdomain On Localhost

Create subdomains through cPanel or DirectAdmin is quite easy, but what if you want to create subdomains on localhost or local computer?
Here’s a guide to make a subdomain on localhost using WAMP.

1. Open the file called ‘hosts’ in the directory C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ using any text editor. Add a new line with subdomain you want to ceate (for example: subdomain.localhost), so that it becomes like the example below.

Create Own SMS Gateway

SMS (Short Message Service) is a very popular service which used to send a short message to someone via cell phone. To send a message would require a gateway to the dissemination of information by using SMS.
Are you interested to create your own sms gateway, so you can provide a free sms service on your sites?
Nowadays, many websites that provide a free sms service, even now you can also create your own free sms service on your website in a way that is not too difficult.
How to build your own sms gateway?
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